Leonix Fasteners is a streamlined, dynamic and experienced company specialising in the cold forming of high quality screws and bolts in stainless steels and special alloys produced to customers’ technical and quality specifications for the purpose of developing innovative and customised fastening systems.

Expertise throughout the chain of command, an entrepreneurial spirit and real attention to customers’ needs are the cornerstones of the company which over the years has become a significant reference point in its sector on a European level. At present, Leonix exports about 80% of its production and is constantly engaged in the implementation of new technologies according to the developments typical of Industry 4.0.


Know How

The know-how available to Leonix Fasteners is reflected in the carefully selected machinery in the production area which includes a modern mechanical workshop that has been organised to guarantee efficiency in terms of tooling times.


Promptness and Flexibility

Care and attention to details, a consolidated knowledge of the sector and flexibility of production are the strengths of a company that stands amongst the leaders in its field.



For Leonix, the concept of quality extends to include the concept of respect for the work of all parties involved: customers, suppliers, employees and management. Moreover, it also means respect for the regulations in force concerning the environment and safety.